Video materials for you - instructions for cleaning and applying ULTMAN composition
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Filming with a high-resolution baroscope
Visual results of the work of the compositions
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Training videos with cleaning processes for both rifled and smoothbore weapons, high-resolution baroscope reports and process regulations.
SCS - purge from Ultman Part 1 to be continued ...
Blaser R8 carbine cleaning, 375, 223Rem and 9.3x62 barrels
VEPR-308 carbine with a good shot - cleaning with Ultman compounds
Franchi Horizon cleaning with Ultman - STORM Foam and CALIBER bore paste
Cleaning the rifle TG 2 "Paradox" 366 TKM review
Shoe Ultman Carbine Fort AR 15 223rem "Laminate" by shot
Cleaning the Sabatti Tactical Evo 308win shotgun with Ultman compounds
Shoe VPO 208 SKS paradox shot 130 rounds ULTMAN
Blueing TOZ 66 with Ultman Black Phoenix cold blueing compound
Carbine Blaser R8 barrels 375, 223Rem and 9.3x62
Reopening of the new weapons Saiga 9x19 and 345 TKM from Ultman
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gun oil
oil high
polishing paste
carbon and copper plating cleaning
carbon and copper plating cleaning
cold bluing
matte black
liquid anti-wear lubricant
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