Termite is a highly penetrating oil for easy removal of carbon deposits, dirt, rust, grease, etc.

Perfectly penetrates under deposits, pollutants, etc.
Operating temperature from -50 °С to +60 °С
Safe for chrome and ferrous metal
Professional corrosion inhibitor
Outperforms European analogues in efficiency
Completely Russian production
Termite - the highest penetration oil
Perfectly matched chemical and physical properties of the product allow you to quickly and deeply penetrate into the structure of various contaminants, creating a separating film between them and the surface.
The spout of the dispenser allows you to make the composition even in the most inaccessible places
The dispenser lid seal guarantees the safety of the composition
It has excellent penetrating properties even under complex deposits and powder deposits.
Handy and practical Twist Open swivel dispenser
Economical consumption of the composition, enough for a long time!
Convenient plastic bottle, ideal for storage and carrying
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Video instructions for use
Training videos with cleaning processes for both rifled and smoothbore weapons, high-resolution baroscope reports and process regulations.
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