Ultman Antifriction - protective anti-wear gun grease

Significantly reduces excessive wear
Allows you to eliminate wedges in weapon mechanisms
Penetrates even microcracks in metal surfaces
Forms a highly resistant coating
Suitable for all types of weapons
Completely Russian production

Ultman Antifriction - wear protection

Significantly reduces the increased wear of the barrel and mechanisms of weapons, premature aging, allows you to eliminate wedges in the mechanisms of weapons
Own unique development of the Ultman team, proven by multiple tests
Based on highly refined oils with a complex of anti-wear additives that create a durable sliding layer
It is a protective anti-friction composition that allows you to reduce the degree of wear of the mechanisms of weapons of any type.
Before use, be sure to shake well and close the lid tightly! Special pipette for precise dosing
Penetrates even into microcracks of metal surfaces, leveling the surface due to the formation of a highly resistant coating
After treatment - excess must be removed from all surfaces that have been treated.
ULTMAN product range
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Video instructions for use
Training videos with cleaning processes for both rifled and smoothbore weapons, high-resolution baroscope reports and process regulations.
SCS - purge from Ultman Part 1 to be continued ...
Blaser R8 carbine cleaning, 375, 223Rem and 9.3x62 barrels
VEPR-308 carbine with a good shot - cleaning with Ultman compounds
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