Professional weapons chemistry
reduces cleaning time by 3 times, with economical consumption and lower financial costs.

Compositions for removing carbon deposits and copper plating

Reduce the cleaning time of any firearm to 60 minutes, have an economical consumption, are safe for ferrous and chrome-plated metals
Gel for removing carbon deposits and copper plating with a thick structure. Excellent adhesion to surfaces, softens carbon deposits, carefully removes copper plating
Foam for removing carbon deposits and copper plating with a dense structure. It does not settle for a long time while retaining its shape, a great alternative to foreign foams
Paste caliber for cleaning and polishing the bore, with a fraction of not more than 5 microns. Perfectly removes complex deposits and carbonation
Gun oils for cleaning and protection
Application temperature from -50 °С to +60 °С, high-penetrating and conservative with professional corrosion inhibitors in the composition. Economical consumption and always excellent results
"TERMITE" is a highly penetrating carbon remover oil with excellent penetration and flow properties. Does not contain dangerous and aggressive alkalis and acids
Protective neutral oil "BARRIER PRO" for lubrication of mechanisms, conservation and off-season storage of weapons. Contains a professional corrosion inhibitor
ULTMAN product range
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Gun oil neutral
highly penetrating oil
cleaning polishing paste
carbon and copper plating cleaning
carbon and copper plating cleaning
cold bluing matt black
liquid antiwear
Video instructions for use
Training videos with cleaning processes for both rifled and smoothbore weapons, high-resolution baroscope reports and process regulations.
SCS - purge from Ultman Part 1 to be continued ...
Blaser R8 carbine cleaning, 375, 223Rem and 9.3x62 barrels
VEPR-308 carbine with a good shot - cleaning with Ultman compounds
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